Text Box: The “Fuzzy Front End “ of any development is the “bargain basement “ of cycle-time reduction. The sad fact is that in most companies it takes months, sometimes years before the first person begins development work from the time a policy, problem or opportunity lands on the desk.   Don Reinertsen

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The secret of success is in the preparation for the one-day session

Generating the Future© is a group planning process designed to achieve a shared perspective and common commitment for an organisation generating new strategies.  Strategy - the bridge between policy and tactics – emerges from a network of discussions, debates, conversations involving perspectives at different levels.

 Text Box: Sound strategy feeds on sound execution. Sound execution lives off sound strategy. Strategy is execution. Execution is strategy.Tushman & O’Reilly
Text Box: Strategy Decision Hierarchy






The KJ Method distils these conversations into one intensive day. It is a powerful tool for exploring essentials and formulating an opportunity or problem.  The process, achieves alignment around a theme, e.g. what are the top high leverage areas to focus on?  

It involves a cross-section of relevant stakeholders, learning new reflective practice skills. It deals with ambidexterity – organisations must both exploit their assets and explore opportunities. Its outcome is a shared focus on clear goals for concerted action. 

 The problem of “Where should we start?” is often not quantifiable.  Questions such as, “What is the best way for us to embed innovation as one of our core competencies?” will have several answers.  Finding the way through the fog of this ‘fuzzy front end’ of new initiatives in order to build a shared perspective for group concerted action requires skills in dealing with the qualitative data of thoughts and ideas












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